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Wild times at Wildwind this summer!

Even if you are a dedicated monohull sailor and visiting us to try out our wide range of dinghies from Optimist to 49er - with pretty much everything in between - you’d have to be impressed by our amazing fleet of catamarans lined up on Vassiliki beach this summer.

So, even though you might be joining us primarily to sail our great selection of dinghies do take a little time out and have some of the instructors show you around the world of cats.
We now boast the largest and most diverse selection of catamarans anywhere in the world – including.

NEW FOR 2020

Goodall Design F16 foot foiling Viper

5 x Hobie Tiger F 18 high performance cat

3 x FX One high performance single hander (inc spinnaker)

3 x Hobie Pacific – tuned down version of Hobie Tiger

6 x Hobie 16 LE Race (the worlds most popular catamaran)

3 x Hobie 15 easy beginner cat

1 x Hobie 14 – the original Hobie – takes some taming!

2 x Hobie Dragoons – ideal for kids

So, take a leap into the world of speed on two hulls this summer and get another experience ticked off on your bucket list.

PS Here’s the link to our full range of kit including dinghies here: https://wildwind.co.uk/sailing_instructors-sailing_conditions-boat_types

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