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Visit Greece in May and you’ll be amazed!


There is no place quite like Greece in May and if you have never experienced it, you must and here’s why…

First of all, you’ll be welcomed more than at any other time. After the long winter break the locals are extremely happy to be seeing clients to be returning to their businesses and enjoying their beautiful island. There are far fewer tourists around at this time of year than there are at the height of summer, so you can take advantage of great service and the feeling of being able to find your own little corner to escape to.

Secondly, there’s s freshness not only in the air but on the beach too.  Wake up to a dozen brand new Lasers and our foliing Aeros, as well as our refurbished fleet lovingly prepared for the start of the season.

If you’ve come along especially for one of our more intensive Laser or Catamaran training weeks* you’ll be bound to see big improvements in your racing and handling skills, while if you are just coming out on one of our ‘normal’ weeks you’ll find there’s an abundance of different boats to try out – and instructors who will almost beg you to let them take you out and show off their particular favourites.

The temperature at this time of year reaches highs of around 24 degrees in the daytime. The water has already warmed enough for swimming and the bay has already come alive with watersports, although compared to the summer months Vassiliki Bay is relatively quiet. We have also found that May is a also a good time for dolphin spotting out in the bay, probably because there are fewer large boats on the water.

Meanwhile back on land, the amazing countryside has come alive and has to be seen to be believed.  Thousands of wild flowers bloom and the fields around Vassiliki are filled with an incredible beauty of natural colours and enticing aromas.

Best of all, perhaps, that throughout May evenings all around Vassiliki you can take in the spectacle of the fireflies.  Perhaps somewhat disturbing if you’ve had one too many in the Zeus bar little flashes of light can be seen all around the Wildwind centre and on the walk to Vassiliki village. The fireflies are doing their annual mating dance, a unique pattern of flashes that attract a suitable mate. Sitting outside to dine at this time of year you will need a jumper, but you will be rewarded with the sites, smells and sounds that are uniquely Greece.

"Wildwind provides just the right combination of sailing professionalism and laid back attitude that you need on a holiday. The instructor's abilities and skills on the water are awesome. A great place to challenge yourself and try new boats and conditions." George, Teacher

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