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The Vassiliki Watersports Festival – Results and Full Report

Day 1 – Breezy!

The first day of the festival was a classic big Vassiliki day with winds at 35+ knots. This unfortunately led to the Laser Slalom being postponed after Wildwind staff member Phil McCoy’s mast snapped during the warm up. Windsurf Slalom provided some more action with a great contest on small sails, apart from Wildwind beach bar manager Nicos Kavadias still out on his 6.4.

Day 2 – Paddle Boarding

Another great day for the festival. Stand up paddle boarding took place on glassy perfect flat water first thing in the morning. The fierce competition led to the following results on the 1 mile course:

1st Scott Perry - Flying Fish

2nd Jay Haysey - Globalshots

3rd Phil Mccoy - Wildwind

4th 'Holiday' Rob - Club Vass

5th Mike Ling - Wildwind/East Coast Paddle Boards

With the wind kicking in again in the afternoon, the planned long distance race around Arkoudi Island was shortened to a ‘round the rock’. A drag race known in Vassiliki 12kms out to Point Lefkada and back. With the wind hitting the 30knot mark there was lots of capsizing, but a great race. Results:

1st Overall – Dave Pullan and Iain Reynolds – Hobie 16

1st Line Honours – Horst Hermann & Suzie Van Klaveren – Hobie Tiger

2nd Overall – Ludo Roux & Sven Olloffson

3rd Overall – Philip McCoy & Gerhard Domottor

Day 3 – Lots of Action!

The Friday Racing regatta started in 14 knots of cross-shore wind. As the day went on increasing to 27 knots, leading to the race committee running five races back to back.

The Wildwind Allstars band then rocked it at the Club Vass sponsors party and barbeque.

Day 4 –Laser Slalom

The final day’s sailing was in gusting and shifting conditions between four and fourteen knots. Switching between onshore and cross-shore it made for some difficult sailing conditions. The slightly lighter winds saw more competitors turn up on the water and there was a top class fight between Wildwind Founder Simon Morgan and James ‘Gibbo’ Gibson in the cat fleet.

In the evening the Laser Slalom kicked off with top flight competitors from four countries battling it out in gusty 0 to 12 knots of wind. Finally, the laser Slalom was won by Leo from Lefkas,

Final Results – Cat Fleet:

1st – Nonika & Kostas – Hobie Tiger

2nd – Simon & Alex – Hobie 16

3rd – James & Sweeden – Hobie 16

4th – Horst & Elke – Hobie Tiger

Final Results – Laser Fleet:

1st – Aaron

2nd - Iain

3rd – Leo

4th – Alex (Radial)

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