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Ex-staff Series: Stew Edge

It's often said that it’s the Wildwind staff that make our holidays so enjoyable… and we have been lucky enough to have employed some truly wonderful individuals. One of our favourites is Stew Edge who has proven himself in some of the world’s toughest environments by sailing across the Atlantic, climbing Mount Everest and fulfilling a life long dream of crossing Antarctica. We recently asked him about his time at Wildwind…

When did you work for Wildwind?

What age were you when you worked in Vass?

What was your speciality at Wildwind?
The BBQ, building things and joyriding

Favourite boat?
Hobie 16

What did you do after working for Wildwind?
Construction back in the UK

What do you do now?
Working as a Project Manager in New York building skyscrapers and a part time adventurer

What is your best memory of working for Wildwind?
Loads of amazing memories, its hard to pick just one. Such a great bunch of people, staff and guests – it never felt like a job

Do you think working at Wildwind helped you with your future career? If so, how?
Definitely, working together as a team and having fun

Follow Stew on Twitter @stew_edge to keep up-to-date with all his adventures.

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