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Have you tried foiling yet? Top tips from Marko

‘Can it be that easy?’ we here you cry, well you’re right but fortunately the Wildwind staff are not ones for turning down a challenge and have put a lot of time in to finding the optimum techniques so that you can be flying as soon as possible.

The foiling Laser is a great introduction into the foiling world and where better to start than the safe, warm waters at Wildwind in Vassiliki!

Here are a few top tips from our resident foiling pro and bosun, Marko Reynolds, to get you going for the first time.

Pre flight check list
Set your toe strap as tight as possible. There is no need to hang over the side off your tip toes, just being able to hike and keep your weight outboard and horizontal with the deck is ideal. Take the purchase out of the back part of the mainsheet. By doing this it means you can sheet in and out faster, giving you better control over the power in the sail. This does however mean it's time to man up upwind as there will be more load on the hands!

Sail settings
Generally you need to get as much power out of the rig as possible to get the boat moving and up on to the foils. So you need to set the controls to give you optimal power. Downhaul loose, outhaul loose and the kicker on just enough to control and stop the boom being able to lift.

Keep the boat FLAT!
Many people have different versions of flat, this is not a Catamaran sailor's flat! Flat really means flat (horizontal!), so flat you might think that your heeling to windward slightly.

Doors cross checked, and ready for take off
Look for a bit of breeze coming down towards you, point your boat on to a broad reach. Move your weight towards the back of the boat as if you are trying to do a wheelie. Lean out to keep the boat FLAT. As the boat starts to lift, shuffle your weight forwards to level out and you're off, up up and away!

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