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Can you spare a minute to give our staff a very special thank you?

With only a few weeks of our summer season in Greece left most of you will be at home, maybe preparing for the start of the school or university term. We hope you have got fond memories of your holiday (or for the really lucky holidays!) with us in Vassiliki.

All the team at Wildwind - both in Greece and in the office in the UK - put their hearts and souls into providing a great holiday experience. The plaudits we receive on their behalf every week are so inspiring to hear.

If you had a great holiday with us would you give them your vote?

There is a way of really showing our and your thanks to the amazing team.  We hope you don't mind if we ask you to vote for them in the British Travel Awards again this year. All your votes for them to win the Gold Award for the best sports / activity holiday company in 2019, 2021 and 2022 were a real badge of honour for everyone. Please can we ask you to do the same this year and make a phenomenal season even better?

What’s more if you do vote you are automatically entered into a prize draw for over £50,000 worth of holiday prizes…including guess what …yes: a Wildwind holiday for two! 

To vote please click here https://britishtravelawards.com/btaform.php?nomLink=368

Small is beautiful

There is no doubt that winning this award in recent years has not only inspired our staff but it has also given us the confidence to invest in new equipment as we did this year particularly with the catamaran fleet. We are already making plans for a significant upgrade to our dinghy fleet for 2024. 

While we are committed to keeping up our high standards of equipment and our ethos of high staff to low client number ratio, we have no intention of increasing the number of clients on site at any one time as we know that our personal touch is really vital to many of our guests. Corporate dreams are not really our cup of tea or glass of Metaxa.

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